Shipping Containers in Colorado

Storage containers are a valuable asset to many people. These containers are useful in international cargo shipping, for permanent or temporary on-site storage, and in construction. Whatever your need, Container Liquidators Inc will help you find your perfect shipping containers in Colorado.

Container Varieties

Whether you plan to ship, store, or build with your container, you’ll need a container that’s right for your job. Our containers come in three primary varieties: new, cargo worthy, or wind/water tight. New containers have only been used once, cargo worthy containers are used but sturdy enough to ship, and wind/water tight containers are usable for stationary storage.

These different containers are available for different prices and serve different functions. For decades, shipping containers have been used by a variety of people for a variety of purposes. If you aren’t sure which container you need or want more information about pricing options, feel free to give us a call at (720)259-1336.

Service in Colorado

Colorado is a large state that’s full of room to grow. As such, trade and construction projects find many opportunities to flourish in this state. Container Liquidators Inc is happy to provide storage containers in CO, to anyone who may need them. Our goal is to provide you with reliable new or used shipping containers.

Do you need a new or used shipping container in Colorado? Contact Container Liquidators Inc today to request a free quote.